Thursday, 12 June 2008


We watched the Czech Republic take on Portugal at the Czech and Slovak Club in West Hampstead. It was a slightly peculiar venue; it just seemed to be a large house. The toilets were up the spiral staircase, the screen was in the front-room, etc...

As befitted such a setting and kick-off time, the Czechs were relatively calm. They cheered when the equaliser went in but didn't seem to show much emotion other than that, and calmly accepted all three Portuguese goals.

I'm not sure the 3-1 scoreline tells the whole story. For long periods, especially during the first half, the Czech Republic were the dominant team. They passed the ball nicely and could have scored more, giving the Portuguese something of a reality Czech. Admittedly, Portugal always looked like they would do enough to win it, but I was far less impressed than I was by their performance against the Turks. Ronaldo was relatively quiet too, for him, although every shot seemed to fall to him and he did score his compulsory goal.

Tony Hart said he was pleased with his team's performance despite their defeat. Here he is looking pleased:

As is customary, we sampled the "local" cuisine, ordering some goose liver and a potato pancake. The pancake, pictured below, was just £2.50 and thoroughly filled me up, and the goose liver received favourable reports too.

As soon as the final whistle went, we eagerly set off for the St Moritz Restaurant, but as you'll know from the post below, we won't be doing that again. I can only assume they didn't know who we were. They'll be out of business before the summer's out.

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