Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Villa By The C, where C=3

Spain were absolutely Fabregas yesterday, and were clearly in a Russia to beat the Soviets, who had a Torres time trying to keep the Spaniards at bay as they began to Sergio forward with increasing ease.

Puyol Russia looked uncharacteristically shakey at the back and the Russian coach would have be forgiven for setting Aniukov in the dressing room afterwards.

Having said that, the Spanish defence also looked pretty Xavi and they will need to tighten up at the back if they want to take anything better than a Silva medal from this tournament, otherwise they may be taking part Iniesta nother disappointment.

Pavyluchenko gave himself a chance to take his Zhirkov in celebration late on with a consolation goal for the Russians, but Spain went straight down the other end and Capdevila master-class with yet another goal.

Spain were Marchena beat of their own by the end and were Casillas hell at times. Is Senna one going to be able to stop them? There's Alonso way to go yet but the other teams may have to up the Santi in their bids to stop them.

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