Sunday, 15 June 2008



Saturday saw us visit Nordic Bar in Noho:

Entry for all of Sweden's games is by ticket / guest list only but they're free and if you're interested in a lively Scandinavian atmosphere then I advise phoning the venue well in advance.

I didn't sample any food today as I didn't like the look of the chef:

To be serious I have heard the food is very good but to feel part of the crowd I enjoyed a couple of bottles of the refreshing Koppaberg fruit cider.

Anyway, onto the football - Spain were not as imposing as in their previous game against Russia and found life difficult against a well-organised Sweden team. A well worked Spanish corner saw Torres open the scoring early on and slightly dimmed the enthusiasm of the crowd at Nordic bar.

The atmosphere lifted again after Ibrahimovic's equaliser but the Swedes knew they were lucky to escape a strong penalty appeal just before halftime.

With Sweden sitting back Spain found it even more difficult in the second half, Fabregas helped a little but there seemed to be no way through. Then, at the last, Villa sealed a place in the Quarter-finals in the 92nd minute which considering the penalty that never was and the style of football played was well deserved by Spain.

Nordic bar was good fun but I do advise booking a ticket and even then getting there extremely early. We got there with 25 minutes to go and we didn't get much of a view - they're so damn tall:

Vi ses snart!

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