Sunday, 22 June 2008

Turkey knock stuffing out of Croatia

Friday saw the Turks take on Croatia in a dull game only livened up only by some superb late action.

Our preferred venue was The Istanbul Meze Bar but they were full so we tried Tas Ev again but they did not have the sound on. What a shame after the great time we had there last week it was a bit puzzling that they didn't seem to have much enthusiasm for their countrymen on Friday. Football without sound is a no-no for us so we watched the game in a local pub instead.

In order to get the authentic Turkish experience we concluded the night at the Capital Kebab House on the Cut near Waterloo, just what was needed after a few pints of lager:

Simple, unpretentious but delicious and with friendly staff we heartily recommend it - the kebabs there are capital!

We've booked in to the Istanbul Meze bar for the semi-final against Germany this Wednesday and the staff there seemed excited already, here's hoping they can roast the Germans.

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