Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Austrian for "Austria" sounds a bit like "Ostrich"

Prior to the match Germany were on the Frings of elimination and looking a bit like Lahms to the slaughter. Their defeat against Croatia had left them Klose to an early exit, which would have been a kick in the Ballacks for the World Cup semi-finalists.

It wasn't a classic match. Even to the Lehmann, the finishing at both ends was poor. The strikers on both teams played like uncoordinated Fuchs; Ivanshitz could have finished better than this.

The Austrians were Keinast mustard to beat their rivals but despite all the Macho talk in the Austrian press beforehand they were ulitmately unable to Standfest in defence or to Harnik the attacking power at their disposal.

Their opponents managed to Stranzl the life out of the Austrians and so the Hiden delights that were on Hoffer had they qualified will have to wait for next time. A lot of these players will have to go back to their day-jobs making Korkmaz, while the victorious Germans will be sampling Neuville cuisine Fritz for a king.


Mancunian Lass said...

Very good ;-)

However I don't think you can beat watching the match projected onto the whiteboard in one of the undergrad teaching labs, with yours truly lay down on the bench! We even had a couple of authentic Germans with their authentic German beer (Somerset cidre for the ladies!)...

Mr Fistos said...

Colonel, many of these puns actually make sense. What went wrong?