Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Romanian Around London

Well the less said about Romania v France the better, France were dire and deserve not to qualify. Romania set out their game-plan and stuck to it, nearly pulling off a surprise victory with some frantic set-pieces near fulltime.

Instead lets have a look at some of the excellent cuisine we sampled at 32OldBailey, the Romanian restaurant.

Continuing our tripe odyssey here's ciorbă de burtă (tripe soup):

With the addition of sour-cream, chillies and vinegar this was a lot like hot and sour thai soup - delicious.

Here's the pork-knuckle with beans, equally delicious (bit like the pulled pork and BBQ beans of America):

All in all I thoroughly reccomend the food and drink at 32OldBailey - avoid Monday nights in general though as there's usually a salsa class.


Mancunian Lass said...

How can you talk about Monday night's football without mentioning the men in Orange??

Joe Milner-Moore said...

Regrettably we couldn't work time into our schedule to get from a Romanian venue to a Dutch or Italian venue. However, we did watch the game of course and were very impressed by the Dutch.